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1.2 million European jobs generated
The Android platform has generated over 1.2 million jobs in Europe alone .
3 trillion added to global GDP
The mobile economy contributes over $3 trillion to global GDP across 236 countries .

Powering universal access to information

Whether by producing affordable devices for emerging markets, or providing access to thousands of educational and health apps, Android helps more people access information and opportunity than any other mobile platform.

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Torsten Korber, Law Professor, University of Gottingen

Get the facts

Discover how Android brings accessibility, opportunity, and competition to the mobile market.

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Android fact #01

Unlike many other mobile operating systems, Android allows device makers to modify the operating system code and doesn’t charge any licensing fees.

Android fact #02

Device makers and mobile operators often preload other app stores onto their phones in addition to Google Play, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store or Xiaomi’s MiMarket.

Android fact #03

No one is required to pre-install Google’s suite of proprietary apps to access, use, or distribute the Android operating system.

Android fact #04

Among 2016 flagship phones in the UK, Germany, and France, only 29% of pre-installed apps are from Google. The remaining 71% are from device makers, mobile operators, and other companies, like Facebook, Spotify, Box, and Microsoft The Digital Reader - How to Download and Install Apps from Google Play for Your Fire Tablet - October 2015 .

Android’s impact over the years

See how Android’s commitment to openness has helped the mobile industry flourish.

Smartphone makers have few options

Manufacturers that want to build a smartphone have only two costly choices: pay to license an operating system or develop their own.

Android is established as an open-source platform

Google helps form the Open Handset Alliance and establishes Android as an open-source platform that anybody can download, modify, and install on any mobile device for free.

Android Cupcake launches

Android is updated with the Cupcake release, which enables device makers like HTC and Samsung, as well as carriers like T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom to begin customizing the look and feel of their phones .

Alternative Android-based platforms emerge

CyanogenMod launches—it’s the first alternative Android-based operating system built using Android’s free source code. Meanwhile, closed platforms still don't allow meaningful differentiation .

Android diversifies the smartphone market

Google announces at a shareholder meeting that Android is being used on 34 mobile device types in 49 countries, giving smartphone users more devices to choose from than ever before .

Android goes tablet-friendly

Android launches Android 3.0 Honeycomb, a tablet-friendly design for the platform. Shortly after, Amazon launches the Kindle Fire tablet, which runs on the Android-based Fire OS. Subsequently, Amazon became the third largest tablet vendor worldwide in the first quarter of 2016 .

Google Play launches

Android Market is rebranded and relaunched as Google Play. Just like its predecessor, Google Play lets developers distribute their apps in a matter of hours, as opposed to closed platforms, which can take days to approve just one app .

Facebook creates its own Android experience

Facebook launches Facebook Home, a customized launcher for Android based on Facebook apps. With this launcher, Facebook News Feed becomes the home screen experience for select Android devices .

Android moves beyond mobile devices

Audi, GM, Google, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA announce the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) to help bring the Android platform to cars. More than 45 leading auto brands are now members .

Smartphones become more affordable than ever

Thanks to innovative manufacturers, sub-$50 Android devices become more available . Such affordable smartphones are still not available on closed platforms.

A decade of innovation leads to even more choices

As of today, nearly 1,300 brands have developed 24,000+ Android devices . Between 2015 and 2016, manufacturers have launched 600+ devices . Additionally, there are now dozens of global Android app stores and multiple regional app stores .

Number of unique Android devices available worldwide

More innovation. More devices. More choice.

Android’s open-source platform has enabled manufacturers of all types and sizes to innovate and produce a wide range of Android devices. Over the last decade, the number of unique Android devices available worldwide has skyrocketed from just 38 in 2009 to over 20,000 in 2016.

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Past Film ACMI presents

Redoubtable (Godard Mon Amour)

New Wave iconoclast Jean-Luc Godard (Louis Garrel) is the unlikely romantic lead in the droll new comedy by Michel Hazanavicius

Opens 31 May 107 mins Full $18 Concession $14 Member $12 Groups (10+) $12 Seniors $8

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“Jean-Luc Godard's films have often overflown with daring conceits...but the legendary French filmmaker[could] never [have] imagined this: a turning point in his life and work would become a droll romantic comedy”

Paris, 1967. Jean-Luc Godard (Louis Garrel), the leading filmmaker of his generation, is shootingwith the woman he loves; Anne Wiazemsky (Stacy Martin), his twenty-year old muse. Happy, attractive and in love, they marry. But the film's reception unleashes a profound crisis of confidencein Jean-Luc whose radicalization as a filmmaker sees him turn away from the style and toneof his earlier French New Wave films. The political and social upheavalof May '68 deepensGodard's ambivalence and intransigence and - in aplot development that wrylyevokes Godard's 1963 film, begin to test the patience of his young wife.

Wiazemsky's memoir-laden novel, , published in 2015, two years before her death, served as the primary inspiration for Michel Hazanavicius' film.More concerned with exploringthe arcof Jean-Luc and Anne's relationship and decidedly uninterested in attempting areverentialbiopic of Godard as a filmmaker, the film also features the director'sreal-life wife, Berenice Bejo, the star of his Oscar-winning film, (2011) in the role of filmmaker, journalistand style-makerMichele Rosier. In ) as in, theAcademy Award-winning director delivers a cleverly conceived,impressively well-executedode to cinema by way of an idiosyncraticromantic comedythat is sardonic, affectionate, funny, tender and, ultimately, deeply moving.

Attend our season opener at6.30 pm onThursday 31 May for a She Speaks First eventto follow the screening featuring film critic Becky Harkins-Cross and cultural commentator Roj Amediin conversation with Ghita Loebenstein from Grey Gardens Projects.

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Godard's contempt for commerce

Nick Bugeja grapples with the tension of art and commerce in Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt

We are Australia’s national museum of film, TV, videogames, digitalcultureandart.

Heather Nauert will replace Steve Goldstein, who contradicted the White House's account of Tillerson's firing.


A State Department spokeswoman and former Fox and Friends co-host will replace a top aide to former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who contradicted the official account of how Tillerson was fired Tuesday.

Steve Goldstein, former undersecretary of public affairs, said that Tillerson found out about his firing on Tuesday morning after reading a tweet from President Donald Trump. The White House said that chief of staff John Kelly had previously told Tillerson he would be replaced. Goldstein, who had only been at his post since December , was fired on Tuesday as well.

NEW from the WH:

"The following individual to be Acting Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy: Heather Nauert Norby of New York."

She replaces Steve Goldstein, who was fired today for breaking from the official line on when Rex Tillerson found out he'd been axed.

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Trump moving fast at State: Spokeswoman Heather Nauert named acting undersecretary for public diplomacy, replacing Steve Goldstein

— Nicholas Wadhams (@nwadhams) March 13, 2018

The White House then confirmed State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert as acting undersecretary for public diplomacy, with a White House official telling Axios , “Heather is the only one at State we trust.”


Nauert joined the State Department in April 2017 and has no previous diplomatic experience. When asked in February Patagonia Faux FurTrimmed Suede Booties outlet perfect buy online discount sneakernews store cheap price JYK0HIm5Kw
of what the State Department was doing to end the violence in Syria, she responded, “I don’t know what some of you expect us to do.”

Prior to her job at State, Nauert was an anchor at Fox and Friends for five years , and previously worked at the New York Fox affiliate Fox 5 for most of her career.

Trump’s affection for Fox and Friends is well-known. Fox anchors, along with Trump International and adviser accounts, represent the bulk of the accounts the president follows on Twitter. A researcher at the University of Chicago , who plotted the time of day that Trump tweets, found an extremely dense band between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., precisely when Fox and Friends is on the air. After a U.S. Navy sailor pleaded for an appeal of his national security felony conviction on Fox and Friends , Trump pardoned him days later .

Goldstein’s firing and Nauert’s promotion was part of a day of upheaval in the Trump administration. Earlier on Tuesday, Trump’s longtime personal aide, John McEntee, was fired and escorted from the White House without even getting the chance to collect his belongings. It had emerged that he was under investigation by the Department for Homeland Security for “serious financial crimes” — although DHS declined to elaborate on the exact nature of those potential crimes.

Bruce Donald, How to give a talk. Geared more to technical talks organized around overhead transparencies. outlet websites Reebok Mens Blue Suede Sneakers free shipping very cheap sale online ny3BL7eS

Thomas W. Rishel, The academic job search in mathematics. The basics.

Thomas Hull, Michael A. Jones, and Diana M. Thomas, Interviewing for a job in academia, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, November 1998, pages 1353-1357. Emphasizes the questions you should have ready answers to. Rachel Zoe BuckleAccented MidCalf Boots outlet real wide range of cheap online a6hUIx7X

Mary Corbin Sies, Academic job interview advice. A professor's advice based on experience. Plus more questions:

Trina Sego and Jef I. Richards, PhD interview preparation guide for positions in academia. Emphasis on questions you should ask and not ask.

Bonnie A. Nardi, Steve Whittaker, and Heinrich Schwarz, It's not what you know, it's who you know: Work in the information age, First Monday 5(5), 2001. Based on ethnographic studies of employees in high-tech industries, this article argues that the resources that are exchanged within professional networks are increasingly replacing traditional institutions.

Adviser, Teacher, Role Model, Friend: On Being a Mentor to Students in Science and Engineering , National Academy Press, 1997. So you'll know what good advising is.

The modern project of articulating guidelines for networking originates (more or less) with feminist authors circa 1980. Their books still hold some interest:

Carol Kleiman, Women's Networks: The Complete Guide to Getting a Better Job, Advancing Your Career, and Feeling Great as a Woman Through Networking , New York: Lippincott and Crowell, 1980. Aimed at women professionals and executives who wish to set up relatively formal networking organizations.

Betty Lehan Harragan, Games Mother Never Taught You: Corporate Gamesmanship for Women , New York: Rawson, 1977. Although not centrally concerned with networking, I mention this book because of its cultural influence as the first hard-hitting how-the-world-really-works book for professional women. Its ideology, which has shaped many feminist discussions of networking since then, reflects both the strengths and weaknesses of the feminism of that era. One of the weaknesses is its inattention to social class; it explains that men learn how the world works through playing football, even though this would predict that working-class men would be as successful in business as their wealthier brothers.

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